Analytically Innovative Software-as-a-Service

No matter how big you are, what matters, how fast you react.
Therefore, you need access to accurate information, instantly without having to construct spreadsheets, ratios, graphs and trends… that are time and energy consuming. You need Operandi that integrates, organize and presents your data and a variety of information at one address with multidimensional and diversified filtering options providing instant, flexible user-friendly access to useful reports, dashboards and tables…
Operandi, offers Multi-property automated real-time data visualization, for all aspects of your revenue and operational financial performance, you can tailor make instantly.


VISUALIZE Information from various sources in one screen and focus on key information
CONSOLIDATE Multi-property in a friendly to read dashboard allowing you to optimize performance at the cluster or group levels
OPTIMIZE Improve your property’s productivity, revenue and bottom line.

The Analytic Power to Reach Greater Heights

Powerful & Integrated Hotel Analytics Tool

Using data from various internal and external sources Operandi is a unique tool that offers the opportunity to view and analyze diverse information and simplify complex data combinations. Mixing and matching data from multiple systems allows you to build relationships and observe correlations that would be difficult to identify using traditional reporting systems

Revenue Management

Historical, Actual & BoB by reference to previous years and budget with a variety of dynamic dimensions and filters that generates, calculates and provides KPI’s, Revenues, Market Segmentation, Business & Nationalities Mix presented on Dashboards, Graphs and Tables by Stay, Arrival, Departure and Reservation Dates and segregated by Market Segment, Room Type, Rate Code, Company/Travel Agency, Country… for a Day, a week, a Month, a Month-to-Date, a Quarter, a Year, a Year-to-Date or simply by any custom dates you need.


Ranging from a “Drone” overview to detailed KPI’s on occupancy, ADR,… Market Segmentation, Nationalities Mix and Competitors Pricing for actual, previous and futures periods.

Revenue & Reservations analysis

Detailed Data, Graphs and Tables to understand the trends impacting the business almost in real time.

Cancellations Analysis

Knowing the sources of business when it was booked and predicting how many of it will end up cancelling, is very important to plan and implement the right strategy and tactical actions.

Booking Window and Timing

Each Market Segment, Source, Guest Nationality & Country have different lead time. It is essential to consider the booking window for a rational Revenue & Pricing Management.

Cancellations Trend and Timing

The data will help understand better the cancellation phenomena and analyzing them to find ways of reducing its volume and impact.

Pace & Pick Up

Monitoring Pace & Pick Up figures to near real-time data is a tremendous tool for forecasting.

Forecast & Budgeting

While it helps with budgeting and analyzing budgets and benchmarking with previous periods actual and budgeted figures, it also offers a tactical forecasting support as it uses actual and BoB data that updates instantly.

Corporate & Travel Agencies

A Dashboard for each corporate or travel agency company, gathering their production viewed from all angles as actual or BoB and showing the ageing of their debts.

Rate Shopper

Having the competitors and market online pricing is a must to complete the large spectrum of data required to manage and analyze the revenue.

Operational Financial Performance

A periscope and a time machine, offering Dashboards, Tables, Graphs, Trends, Ad hoc Profit & loss and KPI’s analysis, creating and updating regular performance reports to submit to management, stakeholders, partners and owners. it is a perfect tool for analyzing and finding data patterns, by reference to historical and budgeted figures.


The Financial Performance Overview collects, group, organizes and visualizes the hotel important metrics offering a quick overview of its performance for a specific month, a period or a full year.

KPI’s Details

It includes the hotel various revenues, cost structure and profitability in full amount, in percentages or by occupied and available rooms and their respective trends back to 24 months.

Monthly Trends

Rooms Revenue, Occupancy, Accommodation and F & B Operational Margins and Detailed Undistributed Expenses are analyzed by occupied and available rooms shown in graphs and tables exportable to excel comparing actual, budgeted and previous period figures.

Yearly Trends

Analyzing KPI’s of a specific period across previous years highlights actionable KPI’s with no seasonality effect.

Ad hoc P & L and KPI’s analysis

A true “Microscope” for the Business Analyst to Study, Analyze, and Manipulates trends for a group or a specific KPI and Drill Down up to the accounting entry.

Multi-Property Comparison

Very similar to ad hoc P&L and KPI’s analysis, the Multi-property tool, offers the possibility to duplicate the same functionalities of ad hoc P&L and KPI’s analysis and compare two or more hotels within the same Group/Portfolio of hotels.

Easy to Integrate

We are partner with multiple Property Management Systems to deliver you a seamless integration experience.


Comes from modus operandi that means someone’s way or method of doing something.

It is a Latin phrase, approximately translated as method or mode of operating.

They use Operandi

(For their hotel brands, as franchisees and/or asset & hotel managers)


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